End of season2019-08-26

Blueberry season has come to an end. We wish to thank all our clients who came this summer. Til, next year!

Come pick your blueberries!2019-07-28

Despite a delay of about two weeks, blueberry harvest promises to be excellent. While the fruits may have taken longer to rippen this year, this has allowed them to better develop their flavors!

Come and see us at the farm, we are waiting for you!

(Product available on site: tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, beets, etc ...)

The blueberries are coming!2019-07-21

Sorry for the delay. We have been particularly busy for the last few seasons. Our strawberries were delayed by a couple of weeks and ended up not lasting much longer than usual. As a result, there was only a short period when the harvest was abundant and it did not last long enough to open the fields to the public.


This being said, blueberry season is at our doorstep and the harvest should be bountiful. We plan to open for u-pick activities July 27. You may come to the farm sooner to pick smaller quantities; however, the berries will take longer to harvest since they will be a bit less ripe.

As usual, we are open every day from 7 to 7. Nevertheless, we advise you to call before coming to get a better idea of the state of the fields. Hoping to see you soon and wish you all a good Construction Holiday.

End and beginning2018-08-19

Blueberry season is officially over. We wish to thank everyone who came this summer to pick their own fruits at the farm. This being said, we are now starting canning season. Tomatoes and cucumbers are currently in abundance, a good news for those that enjoy homemade relish and ketchup.

We advice you to call in advance for any reservations before coming down to the farm, since we will no longer be open everyday.

We are now open for blueberry picking!2018-07-17

This marvelous little blue fruit is back, and its waiting to be picked! Despite the weather, we should have an excellent harvest this year.


If you stop by, don't be a stranger and feel free to ask about the various other products we have available fresh from the earth: tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, rhubarb, gooseberries, and soon, corn.

Come see us at the farm!

A very short season2018-06-26

Unfortunately, due to unfavorable weather and a very dry spring, we will be closing for strawberry picking.

However, by mid-July we will begin blueberry season. We invite you to stay updated!

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